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3/15/98 - Not getting a response from me?? - Here's a list of people who did not leave a proper e-mail!!

Attention Cyber-cow-people!!!

Many of the people sending inquirys are not leaving the proper e-mail address or no e-mail address at all. Due to the shear volume of inquirys I cannot adequately answer these questions by mail.

Included are:

Dr. Calvin DeVries, Iowa

Calista MacKay, Colorado

Gerrit Ebersohn, South Africa

Steve Shockley, Alabama

Andres Galeno, Chile

Please leave your e-mail address!!!

08/19/97 - The NCBA/NCA meetings in Reno were for the most part about the new "Brand like initiative". This initiative would standardize beef products so the consumer will receive a consistant, high quality meat product with every purchase. It looks like a long term project to me, maybe 5-10 years. However all good things require time. Some of the research being conducted on animal and carcass quality are not only interesting, they're downright ingenious! Welcome beef people to the 21st century! If you're interested in getting involved, join the NCBA or NCA and see just how hard these people work!!
For more information: Click Here

08/18/97 - Virginiamycin used to replace Rumensin / Tylan combinations!! I will be going to a meeting the 12th of Sep. to update you on this hot topic. Check out this page then!