am raising breeding sheep for show. What is the best way to gain with keeping in the proportions of a good sheep?

--Cory Davis;

When feeding sheep for show be sure that the protein and minerals in the ration are high enough to ensure frame growth and support.

Most lambs reuire 13 - 14% protein in their ration, with at least 0.30% phosphorus and 0.55% calcium. The energy (grain) must also be adequate.

Ewes and bucks reuire different levels of nutrients for different satges of growth, breeding, and lactation. You may want to refer to the NRC Nutrien Requirements of Sheep, printed by the National Academy of Science.


-- Chuck Hurst soybeans good for sheep and goats? Mine glean in the neighbor's harvested soybean field and seem to love them. But it doesn't seem that many farmers feed soybeans to their sheep. Why not?

--Elizabeth McCaslin are usually too expensive as a sheep feed. Soybean aftermath, however, is an excellent source of good quality feed for both mature and immature sheep.

-- Chuck Hurst'm raising a meat lamb for show.What are some ways to build a better top & butt in a time of 3 months?

-- Megan can reach your lamb's genetic potential by feeding high protein, high energy feed. Make sure the minerals are also available. Use good quality alfalfa hay, clean processed corn or corn mixed grains, and provide a 12% phosphorus dairy mineral with calcium for frame growth. You must start with a lamb that has the genetic potential for good muscling to get the traits you want.

-- Chuck Hurst is the best way to increase gains in lambs?

--Jerry Statten, and my own studies on large commercial sheep operations show that providing a source of high quality animal protein, i.e. bypass protein, such as blood meal, meat meal (disalowed), chicken or fish meal to new lambs increases their gains significantly.

In actuality you provide the supplement to both the lamb and ewe. The lamb will weigh as much as 1/2 pound more by the time they are turned out of their jugs and the increased weight multiplies itself on pasture so that the lambs can weigh as much as 10 pounds more than usual at the end of summer.

-- Chuck Hurst