MSE available in Canada and are gains worth the cost, also is it for goats

--jim blemkie;

Yes, MSE can be available in Canada.

And yes, MSE is economically feasable. The cost of MSE is about $0.05 per head per day and the return is about $0.12 to $0.30 per day, depending on the cattle type and ration being fed.

MSE works in all ruminant animals, including goats, although we do not have any data on this species. I can say that MSE works best on low quality roughages or marginal rations.

-- Chuck Hurst MSE be used in livestocks or hogs? Can this be used for odor control? How can the product be used? Price for it??

--Joseph Lin MSE has been used with hogs. It is very effective at odoer control. MSE is added to the hog's ration. It cost about $4.75 per pound. Please contact Dan Haverkamp at Naturs Way (785-486-3302) for further information about feeding MSE to hogs.

-- Chuck Hurst is the cost of feeding MSE?

--Allen Masterson cost of MSE is $4.78 per pound, delivered to the western US. That equates to about $0.03 , $0.05, and $0.10 per head per day for calves, finishing steers or heifers, and dairy cattle, respectively

-- Chuck Hurst